7 Reasons St. George is a Great Place to Live

When you are in the market to find a new place to live, remember you’re not just buying or renting a home–you are also becoming part of a neighborhood. While the perfect neighborhood may not exist, there are many things that make a neighborhood,... Read More

Avoid these 5 Sneaky Residential Construction Mistakes

Congratulations! You’ve signed the contract to buy a new property in Staten Island. Whether you are starting from open land or an already existing house, many people want to make renovations that will make their house feel like a home. But before you... Read More

Making Your New Rental Feel Like a Home

So you’ve finally moved into that gorgeous rental in St. George you’ve been dreaming about. But now that you have it, how can you take it from a generic space to a home that reflects your personal style? Here are a few quick tips to add that homey... Read More

Retail Revolution Coming to Staten Island

Shoppers rejoice! Staten Island has several major retail projects in the works, including one located right here in the heart of St. George. These six new retail centers seek to meet and surpass the needs of Staten Island residents. Renderings for Empire... Read More

Tips for Short Notice Showings

So you’re selling an apartment in St. George. You’ve gotten the place spruced up and have it on the market. You start to show it, then one morning, you get an unexpected call. Someone wants to come see the place in 15 minutes. You look around and... Read More

Construction Project Management with Gateway

With so many changes occurring in construction over the last several years, many clients have been left to struggle with coordinating between architects, engineers, general contractors and more. An increasing number of companies have turned to professional... Read More

St. George Summertime Developments

Summertime is here and Staten Island is heating things up with exciting waterfront developments, summer fun and a hot real estate market. Read on to find out more! artist rendering of the New York Wheel, the world’s tallest Ferris wheel, coming to Staten... Read More

4 Ways to Make Tenants Feel Welcome

Avoid the Voids Keeping your tenants happy is one of the most important roles of a property manager and it starts from the moment they are welcomed to their new home. Finding and keeping a great tenant in St. George is one of the best things a landlord... Read More

What Can a Gateway Arms Property Manager Do for Me?

Gateway Arms Property Management If you’ve purchased an investment property in Staten Island, you’ll find there are several advantages to using a property manager (rather than taking on the task yourself). Private owners are bound by the same legislative... Read More