7 Reasons St. George is a Great Place to Live

When you are in the market to find a new place to live, remember you’re not just buying or renting a home–you are also becoming part of a neighborhood. While the perfect neighborhood may not exist, there are many things that make a neighborhood, such as St. George, great. Check out our list of 7 things that make St. George, Staten Island a great place to live.St. George, Staten Island

1. Lifestyle Match

A family with young children, an elderly couple, or a young, professional single are all looking for different neighborhoods to fit their lifestyle. St. George has a unique demographic to fit any resident, so you are certain to feel at home.

2. Low Crime Rate

Finding a safe place to live is important, especially if you have a family. DNAInfo.com provides crime statistics for the five boroughs. To this day, Staten Island is the safest borough to live in, and crime has dropped 77% between 1993 and 2010. St. George is ranked #12 overall, making it a safe place for families to reside.

3. Great Schools

Again, if you plan to raise a family, it is important to consider the school districts in the area. As part of a large district of New York City’s public school system, you will have access to 68 schooling options from kindergarten to high school. You may also want to consider local charter or private schools. Visit our recent blog post on St. George schools to learn more.

4. Outdoor Activities

Choosing a neighborhood with many outdoor activities can make a neighborhood much more appealing to live in. In St. George, there are numerous parks, local beaches, and waterfront areas that offer activities ranging from walking and biking to playing tennis and swimming.

5. Family Friendly

If you have children, family-friendly neighborhoods are typically on the top of your list. Living in an area with other families provides numerous opportunities for you and your children: your children can make new friends, you can participate in a neighborhood carpool and you can be sure there will be an abundance of family-friendly activities.

6. Proximity to Public Transit

If you have to commute to work, where you live in relation to public transit may be a large factor in your home-buying decision. St. George is in very-close proximity to the Staten Island Ferry, making your commute to New York City faster, cheaper (the ferry is free!) and hassle-free. Staten Island also offers buses, rail, and subways for your daily commute. Visit MTA for maps and service information.

7. Nearby Shopping, Restaurants and Entertainment

Living in a neighborhood with nearby amenities makes life easier and more enjoyable. Make sure to check out what St. George has to offer, ranging from the Staten Island Yankees to new retail developments. There is sure to be something for everyone!

Find your Perfect Neighborhood in St. George, Staten Island

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