Making Your New Rental Feel Like a Home

So you’ve finally moved into that gorgeous rental in St. George you’ve been dreaming about. But now that you have it, how can you take it from a generic space to a home that reflects your personal style? Here are a few quick tips to add that homey feel to your new space.

PaintMaking Your New Rental Feel Like a Home

Adding some new color to your walls can brighten up a room and change the entire vibe of your home. If you’re feeling blah about your new rental, painting a room or even the entire place in shades that reflect your personality could do wonders for giving your new place a homey feeling that makes you want to spend more time there. If you’re looking for a calmer environment, go with natural colors or light hues, such as pastel blue. If you’re looking for a pop of color to give a room some energy, you can either paint all of your walls a brighter shade or simply create an accent wall to give a room some mojo.


Lighting is another thing that you can easily change to help your rental reflect your own personal style and feel more like a home. If the lighting is dim and cozy but you love bright and airy spaces, then you may want to consider installing some new lighting fixtures and getting brighter lightbulbs to make the space more of your own. You can also trade out heavy blinds and curtains for sheer panels and let in that natural light.

Make a Statement

Accent pieces are a great way to add your own personal touch to your new rental in St. George without breaking the bank or investing in a lot of personal labor. Hang up some paintings that energize your mood and make you feel happy. Grab some throw pillows in your favorite color or with a design you enjoy and put them throughout the house. If you love inspirational sayings, have one framed for your living room. Put personal keepsakes on your mantel piece or coffee table. Invest in some comfortable throw blankets with a soft texture for your couch. Try to have at least three small things that have personal meaning to you in each room of your house. It’s amazing how much more at home these small statement items can make you feel.

Get Rid of What You Don’t Love

While having statement pieces that reflect your personality can make you feel more at home, having a ton of meaningless items scattered around your home can just make you feel claustrophobic. Take a look around. Is your living room a disaster area full of meaningless items? Donate or toss out those items and grab a few meaningful ones to replace them with. A good rule of thumb is to get rid of things that you have not used in three months, unless they have great sentimental value to you. Cleaning out your clutter will open up your home for items that better reflect your personality and style.

Make it Your Own

A little creativity and effort will definitely make your rental feel like a home you’re happy to call your own. Find out all about our exclusive rental communities in Staten Island including Harbor Garden Apartments, Gateway Arms, Snug Harbor Apartments, Hunter Ridge Apartments, 25 Sherman family walk up, 351 Van Duzer Street walk up, Hart Blvd and the Wardwell Associates family colonials.