Demand is HIGH & Inventory is LOW! Let us handle the SALE of your property.

Let Us Help You Sell Your Property!

Gateway Arms knows that your home is probably the most valuable possession you have. In fact, many of the people we serve have only the equity in their property to see them in their retirement years.

In order to ensure success, our first objective is to help you set a listing price that represents your property’s top market value– an objective that requires a thorough understanding of the market.

Additionally, Gateway Arms offers a thorough marketing strategy and will assist in making your home as attractive as possible to prospective buyers.   Gateway Arms will help you feel confident that you are being represented by an agent and company that are second to none.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you, and encourage you to contact us whenever you have questions about the marketing and sales process. Contact us today!

Our Marketing Strategies

Gateway’s strategy for getting your property sold for top market value is a simple but effective one: We will maximize its market exposure so you can attract as many qualified, motivated buyers as possible! We will also keep you fully informed of all our activities, as well as all developments related to the listing.

Specifically, Gateway Arms will market your property through: