4 Ways to Make Tenants Feel Welcome

Avoid the Voids

Keeping your tenants happy is one of the most important roles of a property manager and it starts from the moment they are welcomed to their new home. Finding and keeping a great tenant in St. George is one of the best things a landlord can wish for. One of the easiest ways real estate investors in Staten Island can achieve this is simply by establishing a good relationship with your tenants to cut down on frequent vacancies. Our property manager experts from Gateway Arms have put together a few tips and tricks to avoid the voids.

4 Ways to Make Tenants Feel Welcome



Put a smile on your face and let them know you’re there to help. Making a friendly impression from day one will set a pleasant balance. Be friendly but be businesslike (get too close and the tenant could take advantage of the friendship…it’s no fun evicting a friend).



Provide key information at the start of their tenancy for a very warm welcome. It’s important to give tenants as much information as possible before they move in (including facts about the tenancy, the property and their responsibilities). Book a face-to-face meeting before they move in to review everything they need to be aware of such as utilities, property visits and who to contact if there’s a problem. This will give the tenant (and you as the landlord) confidence that they’ve received all the facts in a professional way.


Moving can be stressful (and of course, exciting). Let them know you’re glad they’re a part of your rental community with a welcome package. This simple house warming gift can contain a personalized handwritten note welcoming them to the neighborhood, a map of the area, coupons to local restaurants, and maybe even a small bouquet of flowers. In addition, include paperwork highlighting rent payment policies, contact information, utility service providers and emergency maintenance procedures.

Another warm gesture could be to offer something a little more personal, such a house plant or Christmas ornament with the year on it. This shows them that you actually do value their business. Don’t forget to say the words, “Thank You” and “Welcome to your new home.” A little kindness can go a long way.


If your bathroom sink starts leaking or your refrigerator stops working, you wouldn’t want to have to wait days to get it repaired. Your tenants don’t either. Commit to fixing any problems within 24 hours or less. Gateway Arms Property Management maintains your property and handles all middle-of-the-night calls! We take all emergency calls 24/7 so you can rest easy!

Keep Tenants Longer with Gateway Arms Property Management

Maintaining a positive, long term relationship with your tenant is what landlords dream of. Gateway Arms Property Management can help you with the process to ensure your ideal tenant never wants to move out! Free up more of your time and freedom and take the headache out of property ownership by hiring a Gateway Arms Property Manager today! Click here to view and fill out our maintenance request form.