Family-Friendly Restaurants in St. George, Staten Island

On the lookout for restaurants in St. George, Staten Island that serve good food with a welcoming atmosphere for families? We have you covered. Some spots offer entertainment along with the eats, others feature the ambiance of New York City’s view;... Read More

The New York Wheel

Staten Island’s St. George waterfront, with our spectacular views of Manhattan, New York Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean, is set to be transformed into one of New York City’s top destinations with the start of construction on the New York Wheel... Read More

Purchasing a Home in Staten Island

If you are thinking of purchasing a home in Staten Island, know that you are making a smart decision. It is a beautiful place to live. More than 33% of Staten Island’s topography and land comes in the form of parks and protected environmental areas... Read More

The Real Estate Market in St. George Staten Island

When you think about buying a home in New York City, one of your biggest concerns is probably how much it is going to cost you. New York is anything but cheap it seems, but with everything it offers residents, living there can be an amazing experience.... Read More

The Positives of Living In St. George Staten Island

St. George Staten Island is a popular place to live these days. It is a wonderful neighborhood that is rich in culture and history. It should come as no surprise that so many people choose to live in the neighborhood. In all, 9,299 people live in the... Read More

Redevelopment Projects in St. George, Staten Island

With a history dating back to the Revolutionary War, St. George Staten Island has become one of the most densely developed areas of Staten Island. Hosting the terminal for the Staten Island Ferry, St. George is now one of the most convenient locations... Read More