Tips for Short Notice Showings

So you’re selling an apartment in St. George. You’ve gotten the place spruced up and have it on the market. You start to show it, then one morning, you get an unexpected call. Someone wants to come see the place in 15 minutes. You look around and realize everything is in disarray, and you freeze in panic.Short Notice Home Showing

If this scenario sounds familiar, have no fear. Here are a few quick and easy tips to help you ace that short notice showing in no time flat.

Store Your Stuff

Everyone has odds and ends that don’t really belong anywhere but that you wouldn’t really want lying around during a showing. So what can you do? Try keeping a medium to large sized laundry basket in an out-of-site area. Then, if you need to quickly make the place presentable, you can toss all of your random items into the basket and store them safely away from the gaze of your perspective tenants.

Address High Traffic Areas and Focal Points First

If you only have 15 minutes to clean, a less visible space, such as a laundry room or office should not be your first focus. The first two areas perspective tenants are likely to look at are the kitchen and living room. These are the two rooms that people will generally use the most and use to entertain, so they are big factors that most people take into account when deciding to rent an apartment. Make sure the kitchen is clear of dishes, the counters are wiped down, and the floor is swept. For the living room, ensure all of the clutter is cleared away, and you have the windows open to show off any natural light you may have. Once you’ve gotten these two areas looking decent, you can make your way to the bedrooms, bathrooms, and other lower traffic areas. Make that checklist to keep you focused on the top tasks.

Empty a Kitchen Cabinet

Going off of the above, it’s a good idea to have an empty kitchen cabinet when you’re selling an apartment in St. George. If you have an empty cabinet, you can quickly put all of your appliances and other items on your counters into that empty cabinet. That way, your perspective tenants will get a great view of all that glorious counter space.

Clear the Clutter

If you’re really committed to selling your apartment, go ahead and kick the clutter out of your life for good. The truth is that perspective tenants will be trying to imagine their own things in your apartment when they come to a showing. And if you think about it, it’s a lot harder to imagine your own stuff in a space when it’s already cluttered. So take this as an opportunity to clean out your own clutter, and you will have a clean and neat apartment to show, along with a reduction of stress, since you will have a lot less clutter to pack and move. If you absolutely don’t want to get rid of anything, then pack up what you’re not using and get a storage space for a while.

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