Redevelopment Projects in St. George, Staten Island

With a history dating back to the Revolutionary War, St. George Staten Island has become one of the most densely developed areas of Staten Island. Hosting the terminal for the Staten Island Ferry, St. George is now one of the most convenient locations for commuters to live and buy homes.

Of course, no area can stay the same forever, and there is always a need for revitalization. In fact, there are currently numerous redevelopment projects in St. George Staten Island, one of the biggest redevelopment being the St. George Waterfront Redevelopment Project.

This project will transform the waterfront of St. George into a mixed-use destination with the tallest observation wheel in the Western Hemisphere, as well as a huge retail complex and hotel. The wheel itself will rise to 625 feet, and consist of 36 capsules that can carry 40 passengers each, with a total capacity of 1,440 people. This will provide a peak of 30,000 riders per day, and 4.5 million visitors a year to the area, helping to revitalize the economy of the area. In addition, the construction of this project will generate $680 million in private investment and create 1,100 construction job and a further 1,300 permanent jobs for local residents.

Construction will begin in the summer of 2014 on St. George, Staten Island, and will be completed by the end of 2016. This project will include the 125,000 square foot terminal building that will feature various commercial uses, along with the 340,000 square retail complex called BFC Partners’ Empire Outlets.

These new redevelopment projects in St. George are fueling a total renaissance in the area, which is bringing many people out to the neighborhood to live. In addition, they are coming to take advantage of the many parks, the safe community and, most importantly, the lower-cost of living. The average home price is much lower than that of the rest of New York City, and rents are also lower as well, making it very attractive to newcomers to New York City.

This larger redevelopment project is also helping to fuel other redevelopment projects in St. George, Staten Island, with many buildings being converted from former office buildings into apartments, and vice versa. Many old bars and even churches are also being converted into new businesses as more and more residents move into St. George, especially the young and trendy. This is changing the overall feel of the community, with more artsy restaurants, coffee shops and bars taking over. The culture is also changing, with new galleries, museums and more popping up.

With the new waterfront redevelopment project, ripples of development will be felt throughout St. George Staten Island in the coming years. With the influx of new residents and new businesses, more and more investment will come to the area, changing the face of St. George Staten Island, and helping to make it one of the more popular areas in the outer boroughs.