The Positives of Living In St. George Staten Island

St. George Staten Island is a popular place to live these days. It is a wonderful neighborhood that is rich in culture and history. It should come as no surprise that so many people choose to live in the neighborhood.

In all, 9,299 people live in the area, and in 2014, it was chosen as the best neighborhood in New York City. In a poll done as part of the Curbed Cop online competition, the neighborhood that was seeded 15th out of 16 neighborhoods, took the majority of the votes, including beating out Brooklyn’s Greenpoint, the front-runner.

In all, it took 77 percent of the vote, dominating the competition.

So, why are people choosing to live in St. George Staten Island?

Why Move There?

There are many positives for living in St. George Staten Island, including:

  1. The neighborhood has a family-friendly atmosphere. Many families choose to live in the area because of the high-quality of its schools, the quiet night-life and the many attractions that make it the perfect place to raise a family.
  2. There is a great deal of culture within St. George Staten Island. The Staten Island Institute of Arts and Sciences is located there, allowing people to explore the arts, natural science and local history of the island. The National Lighthouse Museum is also located there. Fine arts are also found in St. George Staten Island, with many artists and musicians moving to the area to be close enough to Manhattan, but to take advantage of the low prices on housing. The New York Times has even written articles on how the area is a haven for artists. The theatre is very strong a well and the St. George Theatre (built in 1928) is a landmark and has been completely renovated.
  3. Low housing prices are a big reason why many people move to the area. For much lower than what is found in other New York neighborhoods, it is possible for residents to have the safety and security they expect, at prices they can afford, along with everything else that St. George Staten Island provides them. The average home price is $453,000, with the median sales price at about $400,000. This is $100,000 lower than other properties on Staten Island, but the market continues to do well, with prices rising at a slow but steady rate over the past few years.
  4. Lastly, the area is known for being ethnically and culturally diverse. In contrast to most of Staten Island, St. George actually has many gay couples and mixed-race couples. In addition, it has very large communities of African Americans, Hispanic, Yugoslavian, Polish and Mexican families. This makes the neighborhood very welcoming to other people.

If you are thinking of moving somewhere in New York but you don’t want to live in the core of Manhattan, St. George Staten Island is the perfect place with its thriving culture, friendly atmosphere, deep history and affordable housing prices.