Robert Fitzsimmons

Bob is a native of the North Shore of Staten Island, and GATEWAY Chief. Robert Fitzsimmons wears four hats: 30+ years of real estate brokering, 35 years of engineering experience, 30+ years of real estate consulting, and 41 years of hands-on property managing.

Bob helps Purchasers select, negotiate, close and run investment-quality real estate, and consults individual investors, banks and real estate partnerships in analyzing, financing, acquiring and developing all types of real estate from a haute cuisine restaurant or 25-family apartment building, to multi-million-dollar shopping centers.

He also manages a large portfolio of residential apartment complexes, condo complexes, H.O.A’s, and a dozen commercial properties worth $40-million-plus.

I have a map of Staten Island in my head and decades of knowing who owns which property, what it’s worth and whether it’s available—or could be. When you come to GATEWAY ARMS, I share that data-bank with you and, I hope, a few laughs along the way.

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