The Resurgence of St. George Rentals and Real Estate

Picture Yourself in St. George

Picture an urban yet relaxing neighborhood on the water with hilly roads, trees and beautiful Victorian architecture. If you’re picturing San Francisco, you’ll need to redirect your gaze about 2,900 miles east to New York City, and, more specifically, the rentals and real estate in St. George, Staten Island.

But, we’d understand if you mixed the two up. St. George offers some of the most stylistically different architecture in all of New York. The community stands out from the rest of Staten Island’s neighborhoods architecturally, yet is still an affordable option compared to neighborhoods in other boroughs. Affordability is one reason people are investing in rentals and real estate in St. George, but residents of the neighborhood have lots of other interesting reasons for living here.

“You can watch the full moon cross the entire sky from here,” said a resident of St. George in a recent article by the New York Times.

The beauty and atmosphere of St. George is often a drawing point for newcomers. It’s a good alternative to Manhattan, not just because of its price, but also because of the lifestyle. St. George offers a slower pace than busy Manhattan with an incredible commute.

The New York Times calls St. George an “historic neighborhood on Staten Island that gazes on New York Harbor.” It’s a common depiction of St. George, and one that is accurate. But, there is more to St. George than just the view.

The types of rentals and real estate in St. George differ dramatically. There are the aforementioned Victorian houses, as well as newly built condominiums. Sales continue to clime in condominiums as more and more are built each year. The neighborhood has been changing and growing in recent years, but it is not the first time. The 1980s, for instance, saw a spike in real estate in St. George.

Rentals and Real Estate in St. George

Finding affordable rentals and real estate options in New York City with an easy commute to work is a difficult task. However, a neighborhood like St. George is the exception to the rule. For young New Yorkers, a rental within walking distance to the Staten Island Ferry is ideal. For families and couples looking to settle down, St. George is the perfect place to call home. You don’t have to spend the high prices that a place like Manhattan demands. St. George has something for everyone without the high prices.

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