St. George Schools – Time for Registration

Deciding you want to live in St. George, Staten Island’s most populated neighborhood is no surprise. This area is filled with things to do and places to see. The hustle and bustle of life right outside of the city makes this the perfect location.

staten-island-st-georgeHowever, when you are a parent, making sure the St. George schools are up to par is just as important as finding the perfect house. Have no fear, the schools offered here will far exceed your expectations and provide your children with a wonderful education.

So Many Choices

One of the big benefits about choosing your perfect schooling option is simply the fact that you have options. As part of the large District 31 of New York City’s public school system, you will have access to 68 schooling options from kindergarten through graduation.

It is strongly recommended that as a kindergarten student, you apply to all of the schools you are interested in having your child attend in person and before March of the school year before you child is set to begin.
Once your child reaches middle school age, they can attend any school in the school system. They are no longer limited to their district. Many of these schools offer special emphasis on certain subjects such as science or performing arts.

As a high schooler, students can attend either their designated area schools or one of the smaller, theme-based schools with focuses on things like science, math or law.

Look Beyond Public Options

In addition to the public school options that are available to St. George students, there are alternative options available also. One option is a charter school, which is a school that operates outside of New York City’s public school system, but still receives government funding.

Another option is choosing a completely private school, although you will have to pay the tuition in addition to the school taxes you are already responsible for.

Your final option is to choose an alternative means of education and enroll in a virtual learning environment. This option is most popular among high school students, but still requires the student to pass all of the traditional grade levels and tests in order to graduate.

Your Choice Matters

Depending on your child’s future plans, the school selection you make can help set them up for success. In one of the best places to live in the Big Apple, St. George schools provide everything your child needs to guide them toward success. Dedicated staff and well-planned curriculum, coupled with special programs for things like the arts and science, make these schools hard to beat.

Make your home choice in St. George, Staten Island with confidence knowing your child’s education is in great hands. Once you have settled on the school that is right for your child, you can relax and settle into the neighborhood of your dreams. There is no better place to live in New York City and you will quickly realize that you are getting nothing but the best in this fabulous area! For help finding the perfect place to settle with your family, contact the area’s real estate specialists, Gateway Arms Realty.