St. George Businesses Draw on Ferris Wheel Visitors

In an area that struggles with public transportation, St. George businesses often have to rely on alternative ways to seek out customers. Lucky for them, the perfect solution is literally being built in their back yard, which will help drive revenue and place new clients right in their laps.
What is this awesome new marketing source that is helping these businesses soar? A Ferris Wheel!

The Plan

With an anticipated opening of 2017, the giant Ferris Wheel is being built on the Staten Island waterfront and will offer spectacular city views to its patrons. This 625 foot wheel is the first of many attractions, including a thrill ride and a new hotel, to be built at this water front. These new attractions will offer visitors a completely unique experience as they step off the ferry and onto Staten Island.

The wheel features 36 cars that will hold a maximum of 40 people each and takes approximately 40 minutes to make a complete circle. Similar to the famous London Eye, these wheels are starting to pop up in famous cities all over the world.

What Will This Do for Local Businesses

How will this giant Ferris Wheel help struggling businesses already located on the island? Easy – it will simply bring customers right to their door. Millions of people visit Staten Island each year, but more often than not they get on and off the ferry without ever spending a dime, or setting foot, in many Staten Island businesses.

With the addition of the Wheel and eventually the other attractions slated to be built, people will be spending more and more time on the island, giving them a reason to stop for a wonderful lunch or dinner or to browse through the shops to escape the summer heat or the cold winter weather. Staten Island is a unique experience that is extremely rich in history. That authentic and unique feel is what is “in” right now, so this should only further the excitement that is building around this great destination.

Some Things Remain a Struggle

One of the biggest hurdles Staten Island attractions, such as Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Gardens, face is they are not easily accessible without a car. It doesn’t matter how well marketed places are, if your customers cannot easily access it, it is simply not going to be a priority to visit. With most of their revenue expected coming from weddings and private functions, the need to draw everyday visitors in the door is growing greater and greater. They are hoping the addition of the Ferris Wheel and other attractions will help them grow exponentially.

Residents and St. George businesses continue to look forward to the developing area and cannot wait to see the Wheel open in 2017. It will not only attract more visitors to the area, but it will give the struggling economy the boost it needs to continue to thrive in today’s world. Visiting Staten Island will be a point on everyone’s agenda in the years to come.

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