Snow Preparation Makes Commuting from Staten Island Easier

The leaves may still be vibrantly colored, but Staten Island’s Sanitation Department is planning for snow. According to an article on, a new snow plowing strategy from the sanitation department will improve response through a pilot program, easing commuting from Staten Island. Those already living in, or looking to buy or rent a home in Staten Island can rest easier with the new snow removal plan.

Under the new plan, routes will be salted and plowed by “sector” hitting primary roads, as well as side streets, at the same time, much in the same way that Sanitation trucks pick up garbage and recycling along a neighborhood route. In previous years, the department plowed main roads and returned at later to do side streets, leaving frustrated Staten Island homeowners unable to get off their block. The new plan’s objective is so that every street can expect to be plowed or salted within a two-hour frame once the first snow begins to come down, so those looking to commute to work are able to get there on, or close to on time.

Last winter, hundreds of snow-removal complaints were fielded, the new plan would seek to meet those needs. “Last year … Staten Islanders had a lot of complaints. We heard you, and this year you should see a difference,” Sanitation commissioner said.”

Eight things Staten Island borough residents should to know about the Sanitation Department’s snow-removal procedure:

1. Sanitation is now in “snow mode” and has assigned more employees to work night shifts to ensure coverage for snow and winter weather conditions.

2. The department uses three weather-reporting services to track forecasts. When snowfall is forecast to reach at least two inches, employees are called in to begin two 12-hour shifts, starting at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

3. Salt spreaders begin applying salt to roadways at the time the first trace of snow or sleet hits the pavement.

4. Plowing begins when the snowfall exceeds two inches. Plow blades are not designed to scrape the road surface, to prevent damaging manhole covers and the pavement itself. Snow is always plowed to the right, to avoid blocking oncoming traffic and left-turn lanes.

5. Staten Island has 2,193 lane-miles of plowable road surface, of which 1,010 are considered primary roads. The borough has 320 snow removal vehicles, or about 10 percent of the department total, to clear roads. Equipment and manpower can also be brought in from other boroughs if needed.

6. Plows will still clear “critical” roads first, including expressways, bus routes, hospital and school roads and other heavily used roads to facilitate the movement of fire trucks, ambulance, police and other emergency vehicles.

7. During a storm Staten Islanders can view PlowNYC, at the website, to track the snow removal process in a particular area.

8. Garbage and recycling collection may be delayed or suspended, depending upon the intensity of the storm. Information is available by calling 311, or logging on to the department’s website.

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