3 Things to Look for in a Landlord During Your Search for Apartments in St. George

Finding Apartments in St. GeorgeWhen searching for apartments in St. George, you probably have a list of expectations as to what you want in your home. Finding a home with a good landlord can either make or break your renting experience. Whether you’re a prospective tenant who is looking to relocate, upgrade or downsize your current apartment, here are a few things to consider when working with a suitable landlord in St. George.

1. Your Landlord Is Understanding and Flexible

Everyone has unexpected payments and other financial emergencies at some point in life. Ask your landlord if he or she will, for example, accept a late rent payment if a situation should arise. Linsey Knerl, a contributing writer for Investopedia, explains that this type of flexibility shows that your landlord is approachable and willing to work with you.

2. The Other Tenants Are Happy

A landlord that is excited to have a new renter should provide a full tour, including introduction to the neighbors. These are the people that have worked firsthand with your landlord, so their insight can be very revealing. Don’t hesitate to ask your new neighbors about their experience, and consider any complaints they have had. Find out how these complaints were remedied by the landlord to understand your landlord’s responsiveness.

3. You Have Found a Suitable Match

Whether you have been renting for decades, or are a first time renter, it is important to find a landlord that is right for you. When meeting with your landlord, consider any specific qualities, such as friendliness and honesty, that will make you feel more at home. Adam Dachis, writer for LifeHacker, adds that you should also take into account the type of landlord. Multi-property, corporate, and single unit landlords will each come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Single property owners may be more easy-going, but could sell your property at any time. Research your landlord and find someone that will meet your needs in your new rental.

It’s Time to Move to St. George

Not only is St. George a short commute from the excitement of Manhattan, it is also a town with its own beauty. C. J. Hughes of The New York Times points out a historic and worldly appearance, affordable housing, exceptional schooling, and great entertainment as just a few perks of living in St. George. Of course, it takes extraordinary people to maintain such a noteworthy town, so you will undoubtedly find a friendly and welcoming community here, too.

Find Your Favorite Landlord in St. George

With a little research, you can find the perfect rental property, complete with your favorite landlord. Whether you are looking for a hi-rise or private home, garden apartment complex or waterfront apartment, townhouse or condominium, we have the perfect home just right for you and your family. Gateway Arms Realty will help you through this process, and ensure that all of your needs are met. By working with one of our agents, you will be matched with your ideal landlord, and can begin an exciting move to the beautiful city of St. George.