Staten Island vs Manhattan by the Numbers: Gateway Arms Property Management Company Makes the Comparison [INFOGRAPHIC]

When looking for a place to call home, determining how much you can spend is the first step. It’s important to realize that there’s a host of hidden costs that factor into the total cost of living besides the price of the house. One of the biggest variances is based on location because these numbers aren’t the same everywhere. The professionals at Gateway Arms Property Management Company compare the numbers including of some key expenses (and hidden costs) like food, travel and entertainment to see how they vary from Staten Island and Manhattan. Let’s take a look:

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Area Code

  • Manhattan: 212, 646, 917
  • Staten Island: 718, 347, 929

Zip Code

  • Manhattan: 100xx, 101xx
  • Staten Island: 10306


  • Manhattan: 1624
  • Staten Island: 1661


  • Manhattan: 1,636,268
  • Staten Island: 474,558

Land Area

  • Manhattan: 23 sq mi
  • Staten Island: 58 sq mi

Average Home Values

  • Manhattan: $848,600
  • Staten Island: $432,600

Average 1 BR Rent

  • Manhattan: $3201
  • Staten Island: $1,088

Data from the 2012 American Community Survey

Typical Household Income (2012 Census)

  • Manhattan: $68,370
  • Staten Island: $73,496

Average Age

  • Manhattan: 35.8
  • Staten Island: 38.4

Monthly Non-Housing Related Spend

  • Manhattan: $3,832
  • Staten Island: $2,012

% of Typical Income

  • Manhattan: 67%
  • Staten Island: 33%

Manhattanites pay far more to eat, travel and play than do residents of any other borough.


  • Manhattan: $555
  • Staten Island: $299

Dining Out

  • Manhattan: $805
  • Staten Island: $201

Entertainment: Shopping, Travel & Leisure

  • Manhattan: $2177
  • Staten Island: $1003

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