New York Map Highlights Great Staten Island Real Estate Prices

New York City real estate has a reputation for expensive real estate; it’s no secret. However, of all the five boroughs, Staten Island real estate consistently has some of the most affordable real estate in the city. Now, with new initiatives and projects taking hold on the North Shore, Staten Island real estate could be a great investment.

A new real estate map created by architectural designer Cat Callaghan and developer Constantine Valhouli highlights the affordability of Staten Island and, more specifically, the North Shore of Staten Island.

Although the Bronx, according to this map, has the most affordable real estate in New York City, Staten Island has the most consistent prices. For instance, the most affordable neighborhood on Staten Island (Travis, Chelsea, Stapleton) is priced at $153 per sq. ft., and the most expensive neighborhood (New Dorp) is priced at $489 sq. ft. Whereas in Brooklyn, for instance, the cheapest neighborhood is priced at $173 per sq. ft., and the most expensive is priced at $2,000 per sq. ft.

The Commute

Do you work in Manhattan? You probably assume that commuting to work every day from Staten Island is not worth it. Well, on Staten Island’s North Shore, in neighborhoods like St. George (which is seeing the greatest amount of development), commuting to and from Manhattan is not only easy, but enjoyable too la viagra se vende sin receta. The famous Staten Island ferry transports thousands of commuters to Manhattan every single day. The ferry operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week with service every 15 to 20 minutes during peak hours. The trip is a relatively quick 25-minute ride from the St. George terminal to the Whitehall terminal in lower Manhattan.

Staten Island North Shore Development

With the addition of the New York Wheel observation wheel and Empire Outlets, New York City’s only outlet mall, right in St. George, the North Shore should see a huge increase in tourism as commerce. With Staten Island real estate prices at a relatively low point, especially the North Shore, purchasing property is a steal and great investment opportunity.

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