Moving to St. George, Staten Island? Ease the Stresses of Moving Day

5 Tips for a Successful Moving DayIt’s no secret that the process of moving can be stressful. Worry and anxiety frequently fill the months between settling in your new St. George home and unpacking that final box. Working with the best Staten Island real estate agency can help to alleviate the major stress by make the buying or renting process seamless (though we won’t unpack your bags for you).

So how do you go about having a stress-free moving day? Below are five tips to keep your move on track, and make your transition from old home to new as smooth as possible

5 Tips for a Successful Moving Day

1. Get Rid of Distractions – Nothing says stress more than trying to keep organized, give instructions, and stay on track despite distractions from children and pets. Your kids and your animals are often scared and stressed themselves by the fear of the unknown in an unfamiliar house and city, but their relentless attachment and cries will only hinder your ability to stay calm.

Hiring someone to watch your children and pets on moving day will save everyone from unnecessary meltdowns. If you are new to the area and don’t know where your kids can go, have a grandparent or someone familiar stay with them in a room in the new house, away from the hustle and bustle of the movers.

2. Go in With a Plan and Stick to It – Having a solid plan is crucial to having a successful move. If you are moving into an area with limited parking, call the police or the city ahead of time, to see if you can get a permit to reserve a few spots outside of the house for the moving truck. Nothing screams stress like not being able to park your truck in front of your house and having to scramble to unload it. Also having everything labeled correctly relieves those stressful moments of needing something you packed away, and not knowing which one of the hundred boxes it is in.

3. Pack a Moving Kit – This is simply a box that is labeled “open me first.” It has all of the essentials you will need for moving day, such as tape, markers, scissors and other household items. This is also a great place to pack things like paper plates, cups, and napkins since all of your dishes are going to be packed and you will undoubtedly need to feed your friends and family who are helping you move. If nothing else, you will need these items to feed yourself!

Additionally, this is a great box to keep any important paperwork you may need on moving day, such as contracts and a check book, just in case.

4. Stay Behind – While you are going to want to be at the new house, it is much more important to stay behind until the movers are completely done in case they have any questions. It is easier to be available to ask immediately than to delay and have to track you down for a simple answer.

5. Get it Clean! – Once everything is moved, you are going to want to do a thorough cleaning of both the old and the new house. If your budget allows, it is a fantastic idea to hire someone to do this for you. It will take away all of your stress in this area. If not, keep a bucket with all of the cleaning products you will need behind so you aren’t constantly going between the two houses.

Relax and Take in All St. George Has to Offer

While doing these things won’t guarantee a completely stress-free move, it will ensure your moving day will not be as crazy and you will feel comfort with being so organized.

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