Make Your Staten Island Rental Feel More Like Home: Decorate

We all have an ideal image of what “home” looks like, so it can be easy to feel out of place when we’re in spaces that feel temporary, like rentals or apartments. If you are shopping for a rental apartment in Staten Island, but can’t picture yourself in any of the empty, sterile spaces, try a few helpful tricks and tips. You can make your rental in Staten Island feel just like home in no time. So, dive right in and decorate; the sooner you start, the sooner it will feel like home.

1. Add curtains. Curtains are a simple way to soften up a room and make your place feel like home. Many Staten Island rentals will include basic blinds. Instead of investing in custom-made blinds, simply hang curtains or drapes to add a feel of luxury.

2. Throw down a rug. Rugs work well to make a room feel cozy and cover dingy floors.

3. Personalize the walls. It doesn’t matter if you hang framed posters or thrift shop art, adding a few pieces of artwork can make the walls pop with personality. And sometimes you just have to bust out the paint. Try painting an accent wall to add a pop of color and liveliness. It’s a good idea, of course, to check your lease or consult with your landlord or community manager before you make any permanent changes to your rental home.

4. Make an impact with a mirror. Mirrors add light and an element of spaciousness (very important if you’re sharing walls) which make an instant impact to your living area.

5. Update light fixtures. Changing out ugly old glass light bulb covers can really brighten your space (literally).

6. Breathe some life into it. Beautifying the landscape or adding potted plants can add natural textures and colors to your space. Plus, not only are plants proven to make us happier, many varieties of house plants help improve your air quality.

7. Get in the holiday mood. No matter where you are or how long you staying, the holidays can make you feel at home. Adding holiday décor creates a warm festive feeling throughout your home, so, dig out the decorations, set the table with an elegant centerpiece and bake up Grandma’s famous cookie recipe.

No matter the size of your apartment or how short your stay, there are plenty of things you can do to improve and customize your space. A little creativity and effort will definitely make your rental feel like a home you’re happy to call your own.

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