Living in (hot) St. George – The Trendy Real Estate Choice

Though we’re in the middle of a cold winter in New York, living in trendy St. George, Staten Island will certainly heat things up! Affordability is one reason people are investing in St. George real estate and rentals, but residents of the neighborhood have many other hot reasons for living here.


St. George is a good alternative to Manhattan, not just because of its price, but also because of the lifestyle. More than 33% of Staten Island’s topography and land comes in the form of parks and protected environmental areas that the public can enjoy. The beauty and atmosphere is often a drawing point allowing you to escape into nature. During the right seasons, the full trees, green grass, and lush expanses of untouched nature make this the greenest of any other borough.


New projects in the works, including the New York Wheel make St. George one of the top 15 vacation destinations of the future! The New York Wheel will be the world’s biggest observation wheel and will be located on the north shore of Staten Island right in prime St. George real estate. New Empire Outlets will be opening up soon as well making St. George an even bigger attraction for renters and home owners.


St. George offers a slower pace than busy Manhattan, with an incredible commute. St. George is just a short drive from the Verrazano Bridge and serves as an escape from typical city life. And the Staten Island Ferry is more than just a convenient way to make your daily commute to; it’s considered an experience.

Family Orientated

Whatever you (or the family) are in the mood for, there’s always something fun and exciting to do on Staten Island.


Staten Island is becoming an even more ideal (and healthier) place to live; improving the quality of life of those living in St. George, Staten Island each day. The island continues to take care of the environment by reaching high standards of sustainable living through low-energy, carbon-neutral developments. Staten Island is also very much alive with both trendy and family friendly (local) restaurants.


Staten Island is also proud to rank as one of the safest places to live in all of New York City, while also maintaining some of the lowest housing costs in all five boroughs.

As you can see, St. George real estate offers many amazing reasons to rent or own your home. To learn more about Staten Island real estate and why living in St. George is a unique opportunity for you and your family, contact Gateway Arms Realty for more information. You can also call us at 1-718-273-3800.