Life on Staten Island: The Staten Island Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry is one of the most overlooked perks of living and working in Staten Island. Never really given its due, the Staten Island Ferry offers accessibility, retreat, and a one-of-a-kind experience to its riders every day

The Staten Island Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry is more than just a convenient way to make your daily commute to Manhattan or to take you away from the Financial District for a relaxing day at one of Staten Island’s beautiful beaches; it’s an experience.

The iconic Staten Island Ferry is synonymous with New York City and the borough of Staten Island. Images of its daily voyage through New York Harbor conjure up fond memories for anyone who has enjoyed that trip to and from Manhattan. Whether it’s the view from the deck of the city skyline or the sight of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty that stand out most in your mind, that five-mile ride between Manhattan and Staten Island will always stay with you.

The Staten Island Ferry makes 109 trips per day, carrying about 60,000 passengers. Over 35,000 trips are made annually.

The Fleet

Your free-of-charge journey through the harbor is made possible by a nine-vessel fleet. Each one of these ferries has its own unique character and makes your ride feel brand new every time you travel. The three newest vessels were introduced to the fleet in 2005 and 2006. The Spirit of America was built using steel from the World Trade Center towers after the attacks on 9/11 and named in honor of those who died. Whichever ferry you end up on, it’s sure to be a memorable ride.

St. George Terminal – Staten Island

This ferry terminal has undergone some drastic and fantastic changes in recent years. St. George Terminal was once just a place you went for beginning or the end of your trip. Now, it’s a destination.

With large windows for your viewing pleasure, St. George Terminal offers a fantastic portrait of the harbor. The $300 million renovation completed in 2005 led to more storefronts and restaurants available to the public as they await their ferry ride to Manhattan. The renovation also included the addition of two eight-foot tall 1,600-gallon, salt-water fish tanks. Each tank holds 200 tropical fish and is maintained by the Staten Island Zoo.

St. George Terminal is located at 1 Bay Street, Staten Island. The Whitehall Terminal is located at 4 South Street, Manhattan.

Whether you’re just visiting Staten Island or would like to make Staten Island your home, the Staten Island Ferry provides one of the easiest trips to and from Manhattan. Compared to the frequently hour-plus commuting times to many places in NJ, CT or Westchester, the  25-minute, completely free ride can make a huge difference in your daily commute and every day life.

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