Featured Listing: Commercial Real Estate Space on Victory Blvd in Tompkinsville

Victory BlvdThis unique 30,000 square foot site under development, located on Victory Boulevard in Tompkinsville, Staten Island, has up to 16,000 square foot of approved residential space which could be used as a possible senior housing, trendy apartment building or community facility – the possibilities are endless. Underground parking for 1-25 cars is also available. Not far from trendy St. George, an investor has a lot of exciting choices.

Location, Location, Location

Victory Boulevard is a major thoroughfare which connects several prominent neighborhoods of Staten Island stretching from the west shore community of Travis to the upper east shore communities of St. George and Tompkinsville. Historically it has played a crucial role in unifying the communities; today, it’s one of the most active Boulevards for residents serving as a hotspot for suburban neighborhoods and commercial districts alike. This open lot (with limitless possibilities) sits conveniently just one mile from downtown, St. George.

Waterfront Transformation

Many efforts are in the works to make improvements and promote growth in Staten Island. Developments such as the 630-foot New York Wheel, the St. George Waterfront Redevelopment Project which includes the construction of the Empire Outlets shopping complex due to open in 2016 and new hotels adjacent to the Richmond County Bank Ballpark, as well as the possible closure of the Sanitation garage on Jersey Street in Tompkinsville all point to the “new era” transformation of the waterfront.

Investment and Property Consultants

Our sales agents are very active in the Staten Island community, enabling Gateway to have many contacts in various fields. Our experienced, commercial agents stay on the forefront for Island development and investment opportunities as they arise.

We provide property owners with a thorough evaluation of your property’s net worth & development potential. Our agents will prepare a market analysis, including an income & expenses approach, establish your property’s competitive market position, and create a marketing plan to effectively sell or lease.