Eating (and Saving) Locally – Living on Staten Island

Where we shop, where we eat and have fun — all of it makes living on Staten Island feel like a community. Small businesses in the United States are an important part of the economy. Communities, like St. George, depend on the strength of these local businesses to grow and thrive since they are the largest employer nationally and in our community, providing the most jobs to residents (roughly two out of every three jobs). Several studies have shown that when you buy from an independent, locally owned business, rather than nationally owned businesses, significantly more of your money is used to make purchases from other local businesses, service providers and farms — continuing to strengthen the economic base of the community. Research also shows that successful small businesses also help strengthen real estate markets in communities. So, enjoy your dinner in a locally owned and operated Staten Island restaurant and then tell a friend about your experience. In fact, many restaurants invite patrons living on Staten Island and elsewhere to visit and like their Facebook page and in return, they will offer you a discount.

Another local savings example is Hospitality 10, Staten Island’s Premier Discount Dining Card offers unlimited usage and savings for one year at 10% discount at participating restaurants on the island and invites to special events through a “stylish and discrete redemption process.” Their tag line is, “Eat. Save. Repeat.” Founded in 2011 as an events and party promotions company, the Hospitality 10 Card Inc. has expanded to become a marketing and promotions company geared toward the culinary and hospitality industry. It is a membership driven program specific to the restaurant experience that has been established to provide the customer with a discount while dining at one of their participating restaurants. No need to use those coupon clippings or embarrassing computer printouts any more. They provide the customer with a “trendy” and discrete personalized plastic card to present when the bill comes. Cardholders will also receive invites and discounts to special events hosted by Hospitality 10 Card Inc. or one of their participating establishments. The membership costs $30 but the site lays out the potential savings (upwards of $480 annually) based on how many times you typically dine out in a month. At the moment, Hospitality 10 is 22 members strong with venues like 120 Bay Cafe, Da Noi, and The Twisted Dish Tavern but the program is not exclusive just people eating and living on Staten Island. Over the next several months Hospitality 10 Card Inc. will be adding local restaurants to their participants program. Their current markets are on Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Matawan, NJ with an expansion plan of surrounding counties in New Jersey including Middlesex County, Union County, Monmouth County and Hudson County.

Staten Island is very much alive with both trendy and family friendly restaurants, so next time you enjoy a meal out, choose to support the community by eating locally.

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